BrandusBrandus 345 Sport

(Reitse 272 Pref x Oege 267 Pref)

Brandus was born in 1992, his original name was 'Brandt fan e Westewei. Brandus is the son of Reitse 322 who become Preferent in 1996, his Gransire's on his sire's side Hearke 254, and Mark 232 are both preferent. This is a very strong bloodline and proven for Sporting and Breeding.

Brandus was approved as a stallion in 1995, and was approved on his offspring in 2000. Brandus comes from the Stam line 50, which has produced more than 25 approved stallions. This is a very interesting stamline, it is the largest stam of the Friesian breed, the most sought after breeding line that produces the most stars and approved stallions.


He seems to be the peoples favourite of all time, His outstanding achievements is second to none. Brandus became World Champion in 1997 and 1998, He was also Reserve Champion 1999 and 2003. In total Brandus has received nine 1st premies one for every year he has been in the World stallion show in Leeuwarden. He has also been honoured with the Sport title for his outstanding achievements, one being the Champion of the Honorary Class in 1999 for Diving the Sjees.

Brandus has a lot of charisma which he always passes on to his progeny.

He competed at ZZ level Dressage with paces which are naturally elevated with free floating movements. Two of his son's Rindert 406, he is competing at ZZ level and Tsjabring 429 is also competing at Intermediaire level 1 and Grand St George. Brandus has sired four approved Stallions, Rindert 406, Tjeske 387, Brend 413 and Tsjabring 429. At present Brandus has the most offspring to be competing in the Dressage World. In 2007 his offspring was way above average and his total of Ster mares at the end of the year was over 155.

We have bred from Brandus twice, our first was Tile van Withers Farm, who was our first Friesian Foal to be born, he received a 2nd premie as a foal and was rewarded 'Best foal for England and Ireland 2006'. Our second was a filly 'Anskje fan Withers Farm', who was one of a very few to receive a 1st premie as a foal in the United Kingdom. We believe that only 5% in the world receive this status.

Brandus is rated number one in the World for his offspring to be awarded with the Sport status.


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